Empowering Project Management and Ensuring Continuity in a High-Tech Startup Environment

Enhanced project management at Senior S.r.l., training staff, supporting project managers, identifying risks, and ensuring business continuity.

Budget: €1M – €5M
Duration: 6 months
Year: 2021

As a pivotal figure at Senior S.r.l., a trailblazing startup celebrated for its groundbreaking work in the sensing industry, I significantly bolstered the company’s project management prowess. Since its establishment in 2016, Senior S.r.l. has consistently been a beacon of innovation, pioneering products such as electronic noses, biochemical sensors, and IoT systems designed for workplace monitoring and safety.

In my capacity within the organization, I was instrumental in a multitude of initiatives aimed at refining project management. I imparted knowledge on project management processes, methodologies, and best practices to staff, thereby amplifying the efficacy of significant change initiatives that reverberated throughout the company. I offered assistance to project managers in the application of standard project management practices, fostering greater uniformity across projects.

I regularly reviewed the status of the portfolio, providing insightful recommendations to enhance execution through the coaching and mentoring of project managers. A key facet of my role was to proactively pinpoint any risks that could potentially derail projects and devise mitigation strategies to counter these risks. I kept a close watch on the progress of projects to detect any issues early on and aided team members in implementing suitable corrective measures.

In instances where a project manager was unexpectedly and extensively absent, I seamlessly stepped into the role of Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager. This ensured uninterrupted business operations and proper project management, underscoring my ability to adapt and shoulder new responsibilities when the situation demanded.