Revolutionizing Governance with SaaS Solutions Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Leading Product and Project Management at Fleap S.p.a., I drive innovation in blockchain technology for equity tokenization and digital financial products.

Budget: €8M – €10M
Duration: 1y and counting
Year: 2022

As a pivotal Product and Project Manager at Fleap S.p.a., a CorpTech that has developed Fleap, I am at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain technology space. Fleap is a platform that leverages Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology to tokenize the equity of unlisted joint-stock companies. This facilitates the digitization of processes, governance, documents, and the issuance and exchange of digital financial products (bonds and SFP).

In my role, I have charted a three-year product roadmap, working on both the ideation of new features and addressing structural issues. This has led to the successful launch of the product in the market within just seven months. Since my tenure, we have added over 50 new features, including the issuance of tokenized financial products, substitute keeping of documents and social books, Qualified Electronic Signature, management of Rubricated shares, and digital management of various statutory clauses (e.g., Drag and Tag). I have also personally overseen the development of the mobile application, the redesign of UX and UI, drafted documentation and procedures for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, and managed the project presented in the Sandbox of the Bank of Italy.

Last but not least, I personally drafted and followed the first two phases of the EIC Accelerator call for €11,000,000.00 for the creation of a Multilateral Trading Facility on Distributed Ledger Technology, in harmony with EU Regulation 2022/858, up to the third phase, where I was then assigned a team of five people.