Guiding a Home Kitchen Concept to a Thriving F&B Startup

As an Adviser at The Blondies S.r.l., I guided the successful transformation of a home kitchen concept into a thriving Food and Beverage startup.

Budget: €300K
Duration: 8 months
Year: 2019

As an Adviser at The Blondies S.r.l., a startup in the vibrant Food and Beverage industry, I leveraged my skills in project management, design thinking, and business analysis to guide the transformation of a home kitchen concept into a fully operational business. With a budget of $300K and an eight-month timeline, I provided strategic oversight and direction throughout the project’s lifecycle.

My role was multifaceted and comprehensive. I conducted a thorough stakeholder analysis to understand the needs and expectations of all parties involved. I also led the kickoff meeting, setting the project’s trajectory and managing expectations.

Task execution was a crucial part of my advisory role. I provided guidance to the project team, ensuring alignment with the project goals. I also managed the relationship with the IT company selected for the development of the company’s website and e-commerce platform.

I implemented performance measurement tools, providing valuable insights into our progress and effectiveness. I also gathered feedback from stakeholders to evaluate their satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

In addition to these tasks, I was responsible for advising on marketing activities and the establishment of an editorial team for the creation of informative and commercial content.

The creation of the company was a significant undertaking. I advised on the entire process, from ideation, corporate structuring, procedure and operation descriptions, to the marketing of the product. Despite the challenges inherent in building a company from scratch, the project was successfully completed under budget and within the stated timeline.