Igniting Change and Cultivating Talent

Revolutionized IT processes at ACM Solution S.r.l., led strategic departments, introduced innovative tools, and mentored a successor.

Budget: €1M
Duration: 18 months
Year: 2020

As the dynamic right-hand to CEO Andrea De Lodovici at ACM Solution S.r.l., a trailblazing independent IT firm, I brought a fresh perspective and vigorous leadership to the role. I was given the exciting opportunity to shape the strategic departments of the organization, including management, production, and marketing. My contributions didn’t just streamline daily operations; they sparked new partnerships, ignited negotiations, and fueled a forward-thinking vision for the company’s future.

I didn’t just introduce innovations; I revolutionized our approach. I championed the in-house development of a cutting-edge client intervention monitoring tool, a streamlined ticketing system, and a groundbreaking whistleblowing platform. When the pandemic hit, I didn’t see a crisis; I saw an opportunity. I crafted a ‘Smart Working Framework’ that empowered our clients to work remotely without sacrificing a shred of the high security standards we had implemented in the offices.

One of my proudest achievements was mentoring a young professional, nurturing his skills and knowledge, and ultimately preparing him to be my successor. This experience not only allowed me to pass on my expertise but also reinforced my commitment to fostering talent and leadership in the IT sector.

Every day was a new challenge, a new opportunity to push the boundaries of what was possible in IT and cybersecurity. And I can’t wait to bring that same energy, that same passion, to my next role.