Revitalizing a Delayed SaaS Project for Streamlined Deal Flow Management

Steered a delayed SaaS project for deal flow management back on track, managing stakeholders, tasks, vendors, and marketing to meet the timeline.

Budget: Up to $1M
Duration: 7 months
Year: 2019

As a Project Manager, I was tasked with the formidable challenge of steering a delayed SaaS project back on track. This project involved the development of a web application, optimized for Safari browsers and iOS devices, designed to streamline deal flow management.

The application was engineered to synchronize with a Microsoft 365 account, aggregating data from Outlook, Address Book, and Calendar to create a personalized registry of all professional interactions. It featured a ‘People’ section, which served as an enriched MS 365 contact database, integrating with LinkedIn public profiles. The core of the application was the ‘DealFlow’ section, a comprehensive tool for managing, inserting, and eliminating ongoing investment opportunities, tracking due diligence activities, and analyzing potential investments through detailed reports and graphs.

When I joined, the project was a year behind schedule. I was tasked with rectifying this delay and delivering the project within six months. I embraced this challenge, leveraging my project management skills to navigate the situation.

I conducted a comprehensive stakeholder analysis, led the kickoff meeting, and managed task execution to align all activities with the project goals. I also managed the IT vendor, ensuring their work met our standards, and measured project performance using appropriate tools. I actively sought feedback from stakeholders, managed the marketing team, and implemented crash activities to expedite the project timeline.

Despite the initial setbacks, I successfully completed the project within the budget and the revised timeline, demonstrating my ability to make critical decisions under pressure.